A League Of Geniuses by Wessel EbersohnA League Of Geniuses Synopsis

Dr Cyril Daniels, a senior psychologist in the Department of Correctional Services, is unhappy. He is nearing retirement and is dissatisfied with the pension he is going to receive. In recent years younger people and those who are seen as coming from disadvantaged circumstances are passing him by.

But he has a solution to his problems. Under his personal care is a gathering of extremely talented criminals. He believes that, if he can harness their talents, he can pull off a bank job that will leave him with a very comfortable retirement. He can also treat his dying wife, Charlotte, whom he loves dearly, to a trip to South America, a continent she has always wanted to visit.

Only two problems stand in his way. The first is that those under his care, supremely talented though they may be, are all insane. The second is that Yudel Gordon, his colleague and friend of many years has become aware that something untoward is brewing. Yudel has been a party to the solving of many crimes and Daniels is well aware that the matter has to be kept as far from him as humanly possible.

Whatever the risks, Daniels is determined to go ahead. His team consists of a brilliant hypnotist who is also a schizophrenic, a safecracker who suffers from multiple personality syndrome – four personalities in all, an alarm specialist whose left hand is in rebellion against his brain, and a getaway driver who once won Le Mans but now finds any criminal activity irresistible. Daniels has to weld his group into a working unit while keeping their lunacy from causing the whole enterprise to descend into farce.

For his part, Yudel cannot allow the bank to be robbed, but he also cannot face seeing Daniels imprisoned and Charlotte deserted in the closing days of her life. Problems, conflicts and Daniels’s need for sudden wealth are compounded into a story full of both thrills and laughter.

A League Of Geniuses