Beloved Childe first appears in the THE TOP PRSONER OF C-MAX, a Yudel Gordon story. Her appearance so seized the imagination of E-TV presenter, Sam Marais, that he suggested I write a series in which she is the main character. My initial reaction was to reject the thought. But the longer it stayed in my mind, the more appealing it became.

For the start Beloved was completely different to Yudel. She too works in prisoners, but whereas he is a staffer, she is a consultant. He looks the eccentric, often troubled person that he is. Beloved on the other hand is gorgeous. Apart from a few slips as a young man, he is faithful to his wife, while Beloved is unmarried and highly sexed.  The Yudel Gordon stories take place against an African backdrop, whereas Beloved is a creature of the First World.

THE GATHERING sees Beloved investigating the disappearance of a young woman that leads to something quite different.

In THE PRISON DOCTOR she tries to save a female colleague from her infatuation with a dangerous inmate.

SIGNATURE is an investigation into the signature a killer leaves at his crimes. When identical signatures start to appear that cannot be the same killer, agents of the Bureau tell her such a thing is impossible. Signatures come from the subconscious and no two people share the same subconscious.

COUNTRY MAGIC concerns a tremor in the Bible Belt in which the victim of a murder and her friends have been accused of witchcraft.

Wessel Ebersohn’s Beloved Childe thrillers:

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Forthcoming Beloved Childe thrillers:

Book 3 – Signature

Book 4 – Country Magic