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My Yudel Gordon books are crime novels with a difference. They have been read and enjoyed by people all over the world. The feedback I have received from readers most often tells me that they were gripped by the exciting stories, but they also learnt a great deal about South Africa.

Yudel is a psychologist in middle age, who has spent his entire adult life in South African prisons. The books begin in apartheid years, a time in which a Jewish civil servant with liberal views was a fish out of water. The stories continue after the end of apartheid, rounding out a recent history of South Africa through the thriller genre.

Around the world, critics have placed the Yudel Gordon novels into the category of best books and given them five stars. Their book recommendations have been most valuable, especially because they see the Yudel Gordon stories as good books. Having said all that, my books are not written for the critics. They are written for the general intelligent reader. For this reason I am delighted to offer a book free download of my new Yudel Gordon novel, The League of Geniuses. With this book, the story of a bank robbery by a team of highly flawed geniuses, I am looking give something back to my many readers of the past and offering it as an introduction to new readers.

I am sure you will enjoy The League of Geniuses and the other Yudel Gordon books on offer. I have seen to it that they are all available at truly affordable prices.

My Latest Books

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A League Of Geniuses by Wessel EbersohnA League of Geniuses

Dr Cyril Daniels, of the Department of Corrections, is nearing retirement and is dissatisfied with his pension. But under his care are extremely talented criminals. If he can harness their talents, he can pull off a bank job that will give him a comfortable retirement.

But those under his care are all insane. And Yudel Gordon, his colleague and friend has become aware that something is brewing.

Daniels’s team includes a brilliant hypnotist who is a schizophrenic, a safecracker who suffers from multiple personality syndrome, an alarm specialist whose left hand is in rebellion against his brain, and a getaway driver who once won Le Mans. Daniels has to prevent their lunacy from causing the whole enterprise to descend into farce.

Yudel cannot allow the bank to be robbed, but he also cannot face seeing Daniels imprisoned and his dying wife, Charlotte, deserted. Problems, conflicts and Daniels’s need for sudden wealth are compounded into a story full of both thrills and laughter.

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