Closed Circle – Book 3 of the Yudel Gordon Stories in an e-book

The killings of Ray Baker and Fellows Ngcube, and the attack on Lionel Bensch’s home, were only the beginning. Before long there was a steady stream of murders. Activists, trade unionists, lovers of freedom, do-gooders who did not realise how soon they were going to die: all government opponents.

A group of political activists offer eccentric prison psychologist Yudel Gordon a substantial sum to conduct a private investigation.  His past successes make him their choice.  Yudel does not agree immediately. To undertake something of this sort is against departmental regulations and could be a firing offence. On the other hand in his view none of the victims of these attacks is guilty of anything more than disagreeing with the way the country is run.

The information he receives is vague. Is one group responsible for the killings, or are they unconnected? It is possible that the extreme rightwing Afrikaner Revival Movement is involved. But, more chillingly, could the murderers be found within the country’s security police?

Following a trail of death across South Africa and using his extensive knowledge of the criminal mind Yudel slowly edges closer to the truth . . .  and earns himself some very powerful enemies who are protected by higher authorities. The closer Yudel gets to the truth, the more his life is threatened.


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