Closed Circle by Wessel Ebersohn is a rerelease of the original novel. It includes some updates and is now in eBook format.

Synopsis of Closed Circle by Wessel Ebersohn

In Wessel Ebersohn’s third Yudel Gordon novel, the South African prison psychologist is under financial pressure. When he is offered a large sum to conduct an investigation privately for a group of political activists, he agrees – even though it is against regulations.

Over a number of years, several prominent liberals have been murdered. Is one group responsible for the killings, or are they unconnected? It is possible that the extreme rightwing Afrikaner Revival Movement is involved. But, more chillingly, could the murderers be found within the country’s security polices?

Following a trail of death across South Africa, Yudel slowly edges closer to the truth. . .  and earns himself some very powerful enemies, including the sinister Colonel Wheekwright.

Reviews of Closed Circle

Publishers Weekly

In this compelling commentary on an unjust society, South African Ebersohn wraps up his narrative’s mystery, but leaves his tale, like his country’s political crisis, without an ultimate, moral resolution.

Closed Circle is coming soon on Kindle

Closed Circle