Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter. As a free gift I would like to offer you this kindle version of my novella A League Of Geniuses


Click on this link to download your copy of A League Of Geniuses as a kindle file –

This will appear in your downloads file once it is done


Instructions on how to add this book to your kindle device


Step 1 – Find Your Email Address For Your Kindle

First, you to send me your Kindle email address

To find your kindle email address do this – Go onto your amazon account. Hover over your amazon account details and you should get a list of settings. Click on manage your devices. This will take you to a page with tabs for your content, your devices and settings. Click on the your devices tab. Under your list of devices is an email address it looks like this name_87(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) That is your kindle email address. Can you pass that along to me please.

Step 2 – Whitelist your own email address

Secondly, I need you to add your own email address to your white list. This is not your kindle email address, this is the email address that you use for everyday emails.

To add an email to the white list

Go to Amazon and log in.

Once you are logged in hover your mouse over your name and you should get a lit of settings – go to manage your content and devices

Click on the settings tab

Scroll down until you come to a Personal Document Settings and under that is Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings  – Add YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS to this list

Step 3 – Email your .mobi file to your kindle

Create an email with the book that you downloaded as an attachment. Input the email address that you found in step 1

Send your email.

Make sure your kindle is connected to the internet.

When you are on your home page of your kindle click on the option to Check For New Items

Your eBook should download automatically to your kindle.


If this does not happen then follow the steps again and make sure you are using the correct kindle email address and that the correct address has been whitelisted.