After years in the prison system Beloved Childe truly believes that all other prison personnel see the dangers posed by many of the inmates. And she is right in most cases. She knows that prison guards are simple men and they see the inmates the way enemy soldiers see prisoners of war. The convicts have to be kept inside to prevent them doing more damage. So Beloved is surprised when the new prison doctor sees sensitivity in a truly dangerous prisoner. Gillian Patterson, the doctor, is a refugee from two failed marriages and she is sees goodness in Magnuson, a convicted contract killer, although it does not exist.

Magnuson has his own agenda and immediately recognises that in Gillian lies the weakness of the prison’s security system. He sets about winning her trust while further undermining her fragile state of mind. Beloved sees that something of the sort is happening, but Gillian will not allow Beloved into her confidence. Attempts to discuss the matter with her are refused.

The successful escape changes everything. He has Gillian with him and they have made a clean getaway. Beloved has no doubt that to him Gillian is only a pawn in his game. He will take her with him as far as he needs her. The moment she becomes a burden she will either be set free or she will die. It will all depend on Magnuson’s need at the time. Beloved sets herself the task of finding them and bringing Gillian back safely.

Beloved is surprised to see how fast and how far the problem has developed when she arrives at the prison one morning to find police filling the sidewalk. Gillian, whom she had grown to like, is in the hands of this man she knows is truly evil. Beloved is determined to find her and free her from Magnuson. She guesses correctly where he has taken Gillian. But finding the place and capturing him with only one young police officer to assist is not the same thing. In Beloved’s mind, what happens to Magnuson is of no consequence. Seeing the Gillian comes out of it alive is the challenge facing her.

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The Prison Doctor: the Kidnapping
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